MASkargo cuts over LMS for cargo operations

Published: Saturday, August 6, 2016

Unisys Corporation recently announced that MASkargo has successfully cut over to Unisys ’cloud-based Logistics Management System (LMS) to manage its domestic and international cargo services.

All of MASkargo’s core system functions from the previous mainframe-based system were transitioned to Unisys’ cloud-based LMS. The cutover included customisations to integrate with the carrier’s automated warehouse system.
MASkargo is the cargo division of Malaysia Airlines. It is the largest ground handling agent in Kuala Lumpur and acts as the agent for more than 30 foreign airlines at its Advanced Cargo Centre to accept, process and deliver cargo shipments which are carried on foreign carriers’ flights. In total MASkargo processes approximately 1.5 million master and house air waybills per year.

“Due to the nature of our daily operations, we needed a heavy duty system which was accessible system-wide. Being a cloud-based system, we will be able to access regular updates and enhancements in the future,” said Ahmad Luqman Mohd Azmi, Chief Executive Officer of MASkargo.

The Internet-based system provides global access in a direct and cost efficient manner. Featuring a user friendly graphic interface, the system enables users to make reservations anytime and anywhere based on controls built into the system.