Malaysia Airlines join Trucking CDM platform

Published: Sunday, July 5, 2020

Today Malaysia Airlines joins the Trucking CDM platform for its Amsterdam operation. The CDM’s objective – developed by CargoHub – is to provide transparency and predictability in the transport chain for air cargo industry stakeholders.

Increasing the service level for transit cargo is the main reason for Malaysia Airlines starting to work with the Trucking CDM platform.

“Improving the connection between incoming cargo and the arrival time of the truck is one of the aspects of that service,” says Keesjan de Vries, cargo manager Europe of Malaysia Airlines.

“All parties involved should benefit from the CDM platform: reduction of waiting hours and less congestion on the roads around handlers’ warehouses in order to promise our customer that his cargo will arrive on time. It’s all about exchanging data which is enabled through the CDM platform. We are now starting at Schiphol Amsterdam but our aim is to participate at Brussels Airport as well.”

Raoul Paul, founder of CargoHub is delighted welcoming yet another renowned airline to the Trucking CDM platform. He says: “In the CDM platform all truck movements are visible to the handling agents and expected arrival times are continually updated. Predictability and transparency of trucking movements is necessary for all parties involved at the various airports in order to facilitate road transport of air cargo to its loading and unloading destinations as efficient as possible. The more parties sharing their data on the CDM platform, the more benefits can be reached through the entire logistics chain.”