Lufthansa Cargo adds real time tracking for perishable products

Published: Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Lufthansa Cargo has launched a new service that provides real-time tracking of the location and temperature of perishable products.

The new service is launched in cooperation with Sensitech and Lobster Logistics Cloud and utilises sensors and GPS technology to monitor the location and ambient temperature of fresh produce during air and land transport.

“This increases the safety of the goods, reduces the risk of losses and [therefore] makes fresh produce logistics more sustainable,” Lufthansa Cargo said.

The airline’s head of airmail, courier & perishable handling, Oliver Blum, said: “We are all the more pleased that we have been able to develop another technical innovation in fresh produce logistics together with our partners Sensitech and Lobster Logistics Cloud.

“This is a showcase example of how important it is to put our heads together to achieve climate and environmental goals.”

The temperature loggers and Logistics Cloud’s tracking platform enable notifications in real-time, for example when specified parameters for temperature and humidity are reached.

Andreas Tittel, strategic account manager at Sensitech, said that the real-time notifications allow customers to identify issues at an early stage and act accordingly.