Lockdown 'turbo charges shift in ecommerce' at EMA with extra cargo flights

Published: Thursday, September 17, 2020

Manchester Airports Group has reported unprecedented growth in cargo operations at their East Midland Airport (EMA). In a statement, the airport reported that the pandemic has ‘turbo-charged the shift to online shopping,’ which has created a significant demand for extra cargo flights.

“The last few months have seen a seismic shift in the way we live our lives,” Aboudy Nasser, Group Aviation Director for MAG commented. “While much has been made of the changes to the way people travel, behind the scenes our airports have been leading the charge in helping the logistics sector adapt to rising demand for dedicated air cargo and changes in the way goods are transported.”

EMA saw an increase of 21.2% and 18.5% in cargo volumes in July and August respectively. During June, July and August there has been an average of 60 additional cargo flights to and from East Midlands Airport and the US and, most notably, a 120% increase in the volume of goods travelling between EMA and JFK airport in New York.

Scott Knowles, Chief Executive of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, believes the airport’s cargo operations, supply chains and the jobs it supports will be a key part in the post-COVID recovery for the Midlands and UK.

“The airport is not only an important asset in its own right, but its impact is felt across the whole of the East Midlands, and beyond,” he explains. “Thousands of people are employed in businesses that support the airport’s operation and thousands of more jobs are being created in neighboring developments. As we all look forward to a post-COVID revival, the sectors that have continued to flourish during the pandemic are the ones around which a new economy will be built. The airport, and the logistics operations it facilitates, will be key to our region’s recovery.”