Lauren Beyer succeeds Alterman as CAA president

Published: Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The US Cargo Airline Association (CAA) has appointed Lauren Beyer as president, succeeding Steve Alterman who has led the organization for more than 40 years.

As president of the  CAA, Beyer will lead advocacy and inform policymakers, regulators and others on the importance and operational realities of the air cargo supply chain.

Beyer previously served as the vice president of security and facilitation at Airlines for America, where she represented the largest US passenger and cargo airlines to the federal government on all security, cybersecurity, cargo, and passenger facilitation issues.

Prior to that, she was the director of aviation and surface transportation security at The National Security Council.

Beyer said: “The air cargo industry is indispensable to the modern world, and it is an honor to bring my government and industry experience to bear on behalf of CAA’s members. I look forward to fostering an environment where air cargo can continue to grow and drive the global economy.”

The organization paid tribute to Alterman: “On behalf of the Cargo Airline Association, I would like to thank Steve Alterman for his dedicated advocacy efforts over the past four decades,” said John Maxwell, general counsel Americas for FedEx Express and chairman of the CAA board of directors.

“Through Steve’s leadership, we have been able to build and advance the U.S. air cargo industry, creating expansive global supply chains that connect the US and global economy.

“Looking forward, I’m pleased to have Lauren Beyer joining us as CAA’s next president. Lauren’s impressive portfolio of government and industry experience, in the US and internationally, makes her ideally suited to lead CAA as it informs and shapes policies necessary to protect and grow this critical sector of the US economy.”