Launceston Airport to receive government funding for its air cargo facility

Published: Sunday, February 19, 2023

Launceston Airport in Tasmania, Australia will receive government funding to upgrade its air cargo facility.

The redeveloped Virgin Australia cargo facility at Launceston Airport aims to help local Tasmanian businesses strengthen their supply chains.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Michael Ferguson, said the Rockliff Liberal Government is investing A$1.6m to support the redevelopment due to the benefits it will provide Tasmanian producers.

“Airfreight links are critical to the Tasmanian economy, supporting freight supply chains for time-sensitive freight, including our valuable seafood and horticulture sectors,” Ferguson said.

“This investment is a vote of confidence in our export markets, will support more efficient management of the current freight and provide capacity for future growth.

“The upgraded facility will allow for more time-critical cargo each year, mainly seafood and perishable goods, and the current hangar operation just won’t be able to cope with the extra volume we are seeing.
“It is clear that when our industries and economy grow, the infrastructure to support them needs to grow as well and it is timely that this new cargo facility will be an integral part of the larger overall airport upgrade project.

“If everything goes to plan we expect to see the quality Tasmanian produce that the world wants moving through this new facility and onto off-shore markets later this year, he said.