Largest mushroom farm in UAE relies on solar energy and tech to thrive

Published: Monday, September 14, 2020

DUBAI: The largest mushroom farm in the UAE which produces about nearly 6 tons of mushrooms daily for local consumption and export relies on solar energy and technology to thrive in the region’s harsh weather condition.

Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, recently met with several local farm owners and discussed ways to enhance and support the emerging agri-tech ecosystem in the UAE, the Emirates news agency WAM reported.

The minister met farm owners, Dr. Ghanem Al Hajri and Ali Bujasim during a tour of the Themar Al Emarat hydroponic farm and the Alayas Farm, respectively.

Located in Sharjah, the 190,000 sqm Themar Al Emarat farm relies on solar energy for 50 percent of its power requirements— power for cooling equipment, water chilling, mushroom cultivation and other greenhouse processes.

It recycles 100 percent of its irrigation water. It also reuses the soil in its hydroponic system as an agricultural conditioner in traditional cultivation. The farm produces mushrooms, lettuce, and other crops used &  consumed locally.

Meanwhile, Alayas Farm produces two tons of green fodder that are used as feed for its goats and poultry livestock. It also leverages hydroponics in cultivating vegetables.

The minister stressed that the UAE prioritises the use of agricultural technologies that increase crop production and quality and reduce the environmental footprint of farms across the country. He pointed out that MoCCAE endeavours to strengthen its partnership with major modern farms in the UAE to develop the sector and highlight these farms as successful examples of agri-tech at work.