Koen Gouweloose to head Swissport Cargo Belgium

Published: Thursday, July 9, 2020

Koen Gouweloose has been appointed head of Swissport Cargo Belgium from July 2020. Houssein Ouchen will manage Swissport’s cargo operations at Liège airport.

In his new position as the head of Swissport Cargo Belgium, effective 1st July 2020, Gouweloose will oversee the strategic and operational management of Swissport’s cargo activities in both Brussels and Liège, with a strong focus on navigating the company through the post COVID-19 recovery phase. Starting on 1 July 2020, Houssein Ouchen also joined the Belgian cargo organization. He is managing the growing business activities in Liège.

Gouweloose started his career with Swissport in March 2020 as COO of the Belgian cargo organization, at the time reporting to country manager Thierry Miremont, who has taken on another assignment within Swissport. He will head up all Swissport’s activities in Belgium and report to Willy Ruf, senior vice president central and eastern Europe. Swissport underlines its commitment to the thriving Belgian air cargo market in general and Liège in particular by assigning Ouchen to head up its cargo operation at Liège airport.

“Koen Gouweloose can build on many years of relevant professional experience in international air freight management and is very familiar with the different stakeholders in Belgium,” says Willy Ruf, senior vice president central and Eastern Europe of Swissport International. “Together with Houssein Ouchen and Brussels station manager Ile de Nutte, Koen is tasked with further developing and growing our thriving cargo business in Brussels and Liège.”

Gouweloose has extensive experience in the logistics sector and held several senior management positions throughout his career.