Jettainer manages temperature-controlled ULDs for Lufthansa Cargo

Published: Wednesday, November 8, 2017

</br>Jettainer, the leading international service partner for outsourced ULD management, is welcoming Lufthansa Cargo as its first costumer for its “Cool Management” service. From now on, Jettainer is not only managing the temperature-controlled ULDs for its parent company, but also units leased by Lufthansa Cargo. Additionally, Jettainer is also upscaling its services at Abu Dhabi International Airport with a new Center of Excellence for the management of temperature-sensitive air freight.

</br>The ULD management is of special significance for the transport of temperature-sensitive goods via air freight. It requires precise planning and implementation, starting with the sender via the shipper and the airline all the way to the owner of the specialized reefer-containers. Thus the complexity and also the potential risk for the delicate freight are particularly high, as different temperature-sensitive freight requires dedicated containers. This is why Jettainer is bundling its expertise in a new Center of Excellence in Abu Dhabi in order to boost the efficiency of its services between all parties involved in the supply chain.

</br>“We are very much appreciating the excellence of service provided by Jettainer, as well as its constant push for innovation. That is why we are certain to now have the best solution for temperature-sensitive goods. The new service by Jettainer will help us to reduce holding time of units, which will reduce our costs for the leasing of additional ULDs,” said Marcus Bezold, Global Handling Performance Manager at Lufthansa Cargo AG, at a joint press conference during the International Supply Chain Conference inBerlin.

</br>“The management of cool temperature ULDs is a small but very complex part of our business. Any mistakes do not only have financial repercussions, but also lead to a loss of reputation for our clients. At the same time it is of the essence for airlines to become more efficient in this field,” Carsten Hernig said, Managing Director of Jettainer GmbH. “That is why we have upgraded our services and are optimistic that we can meet any challenges in this field.“