Jettainer makes vaccine transportation with cool&fly

Published: Saturday, December 12, 2020

One of the largest and most complex logistical operations ever undertaken will launch as soon as a Covid-19 vaccine has received approval. Temperature-controlled Unit Load Devices (ULD) are expected to become a limited resource within air transportation. The increasing demand for cool transport solutions and interaction between the growing number of stakeholders will prove complex and time-consuming. cool&fly, a unique management service offered by Jettainer for temperature-controlled ULDs, is the perfect solution to maximize the efficient use of cool containers. Jettainer’s dedicated temperature control competence center in the Middle East will offer customers a single point of contact to ensure the smooth operation of the entire cool ULD journey and has been further resourced to meet the expected demand.

Securing supply and managing containers for temperature-sensitive goods is an extremely complex mission that requires absolutely accurate and attentive management. This includes on-time ordering and positioning, as well as constant traceability and monitoring throughout the entire process chain in order to be ready for an immediate response to all eventualities as there is no margin for error due to the highly valuable and sensitive goods involved.

Based on our longstanding expertise in temperature-controlled ULD management and in response to market needs, Jettainer has now launched a unique management service: cool&fly. The product is one of a kind, comprising full cool ULD order management, steering and positioning along with monitoring as well as after-service management. It is available to airlines, no matter their other ULD management setup. The dedicated cool competence center is the single point of contact for customers, providing customers with simplified interfaces and a worry-free process. The expert team selects the best rental trip based on Jettainer’s global positioning network and ensures timely delivery through effective positioning and return of cool ULDs. Continuous monitoring allows for immediate and proactive intervention in the event of irregularities and the provision of 24/7/365 support. This approach allows Jettainer to significantly minimize the risks caused by the complex interaction between all supply chain stakeholders. cool&fly delivers demonstrable improvements when positioning and repositioning cool containers, thus maximizing the availability of cool ULDs.

Jettainer’s cool competence center in the Middle East has bundled its wide-ranging experience in temperature-controlled ULD management for several years now, managing cool containers for companies including Lufthansa Cargo and American Airlines. Last year alone, the highly specialized team has managed almost 12.000 cool ULD orders, providing its customers with more secure supply, increased availability as well as substantial financial benefits due to optimized lease trips, as delays incur high demurrage costs. The team has now been further resourced and strengthened to meet the expected demands of customers and the market.

“The logistical challenges involved when transporting vaccines by air are huge. Maximizing the efficient use of the cool ULDs will be key – reliable management of all interfaces from a single point will minimize risks during the transport. cool&fly and our highly experienced cool competence center provide customers with the perfect solution,” said Thomas Sonntag, Managing Director of Jettainer GmbH.