Jettainer, DoKaSch sign general repair agreement

Published: Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Jettainer, the leading international service partner for outsourced ULD management, and DoKaSch one of the leading developers, manufacturers and repair service companies for air freight containers and pallets, have signed a general agreement on the sidelines of the World Cargo Symposium in Berlin. The aim is to improve the processes for repairing ULDs.

Jettainer and DoKaSch have already been linked by a long-standing partnership, which is now being extended in order to accelerate repair procedures in terms of throughput times, while maintaining the same high quality. This will partly be possible through using a sophisticated IT system, which will offer both partners simple and fast communications with improved data quality. This includes processing enquiries for ULDs in real time. It will also be possible to recognise patterns by analysing huge amounts of data. It will then be easier, for example, to identify the sources of damage in order to be able to eliminate them by making improvements to the ULDs as a next step.

“It’s our aspiration to continue developing both the ULDs themselves and all the management processes too. These constant innovations are an essential component in our corporate philosophy, because they enable us to offer the best product in the market place in terms of quality and efficiency,” says Carsten Hernig, Managing Director of Jettainer.

DoKaSch was also awarded Jettainer’s own ‘Certified Repair Partner’ quality seal for repair workshops during the World Cargo Symposium. Any company, which wishes to be part of the flexible repair network of the ULD specialist, has to provide evidence that it complies with Jettainer’s quality guidelines during an audit.

Marcus Franke, the authorised Signatory and Manager of the ‘Standard ULDs’ business unit within the DoKaSch corporate group, is delighted with the certification. “This confirms our high-quality and efficient MRO services, which we’ve been providing for our customers for a long time, particularly at Frankfurt Airport. These business relationships founded on trust provide the basis for us to be able to constantly make further developments to our products as a production company for the benefit of our customers.”