Jazeera flies its first all-cargo flight to Saudi Arabia

Published: Sunday, April 19, 2020

Kuwaiti budget carrier Jazeera Airways recently announced that it ran its first all-cargo flight to and from Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). This move follows many other airlines as they make the most of their unused passenger aircraft amidst the global drop in passenger volume.

“In this challenging business environment, we have adapted quickly to focus on cargo opportunities. We are pleased to be able to serve companies and institutions with our cargo services, ensuring vital food and other supplies are brought into Kuwait.’’ – Rohit Ramachandran, Chief Executive Officer, Jazeera Airways

The flight took on the number J93221 and departed Kuwait at 16:19 local time, arriving in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh at 17:07. The total flight time was just 48 minutes and utilized an Airbus A320 – one of 14 belonging to the Jazeera Airways fleet.

This particular journey flight was an all-cargo flight, which comes as part of the airline’s efforts to grow its cargo capability during the COVID-19 shutdown of commercial passenger operations. In fact, the country of Kuwait has restricted air travel to a few passenger airlines with the aim of transporting foreigners (non-Kuwaiti-citizens) out of the country.