Japan's 'Lovot” on a mission to cheer you up

Published: Thursday, January 17, 2019

TOKYO: Japan is getting a new addition in its animated and eclectic world with the launch of the household robot named “Lovot”—an amalgam of “love” and “robot.”

Groove X, a Japanese startup, with funding of about US$71.1 million from investors that include Toyota Motors Corp., chat app operator Line Corp., and the Japanese government, unveiled its first creation in Tokyo on Dec 18.

The AI-powered cuddly robot resembles a penguin with cartoonish human eyes and can interact with owners. It’s capable of showing affection when shown kindness and can be used to watch over the house via a camera that users can access through a mobile app while they are out.

Groove X founder and CEO Kaname Hayashi told the media the Lovot “will draw out your ability to love.”