Japan Airlines awards 5-year extension to CHAMP

Published: Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Japan Airlines (JAL) and CHAMP Cargosystems have extended their highly successful partnership for a further five years.

The carrier has been using CHAMP’s acclaimed Cargospot solution to manage its day-to-day cargo business processes since 2014. Since then, JAL has partnered with CHAMP in a series of ground-breaking digital transformational projects built around the Cargospot ecosystem, including the launch of a cargo business platform that enables a fully digitalized end-to-end process across the airline’s domestic operation, and a unique API-based solution that allows the airline’s customers to compare and book against multiple air-to-air and ground transportation options.

By extending their partnership with CHAMP, Cargospot will remain the IT keystone of JAL’s cargo business, enabling the airline to take advantage of the solution as it continues to evolve for the benefit of CHAMP’s large and growing customer community. JAL’s operation of Cargospot will be supplemented and further enhanced by the airline’s continuing use of CHAMP’s ULD Manager and Traxon compliance services, which support pre-loading and pre-arrival declarations to customs and border protection authorities.

“The Cargospot ecosystem has vast potential for our growing customer community,” says Nicholas Xenocostas, VP Commercial & Customer Engagement at CHAMP Cargosystems. “Our solutions have been and will continue to be at the core of Japan Airlines’ cargo operations. Cargospot and CHAMP’s other services continue to evolve in line with its emerging business needs and continue to be an integral part of our long-term digital transformation.