Intradco Global transports 330 cattle from Europe to West Africa

Published: Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Intradco Global, world-leading animal transport specialist and part of Chapman Freeborn and Avia Solutions Group, has transported 330 cattle from Europe to West Africa.

The genetic breeding cattle were moved on behalf of a longstanding client as part of a largescale governmental initiative to increase dairy production yields in the area, benefiting local populations.

The region has historically dealt with a deficit between supply and demand of milk, resulting in expensive import costs for the government. However, the cattle transported by Intradco Global will redress this imbalance, with each cow estimated to produce 40 litres of high-quality milk per day.

The operation took place across two charter flights throughout January, both of which saw IntradcoGlobal’s ground operations team present at the departure and arrival airports to oversee every aspect of the operation.

“Being involved in an important project that will have a positive and tangible impact on the local community is a great feeling, and so is knowing that our longstanding client once again trusted Intradco Global to deliver their precious cargo. We look forward to working with them again in the future,” Hayden Edwards, Cargo Account Manager – Commercial at Intradco Global, said.