Inspiring September

Published: Monday, September 19, 2016

The scorching summer heat is finally gone.
We’re now in September, the beginning of the so-called “ber
months” — a sign that the year is about to end.

Autumn or fall in the northern hemisphere. A time to reflect on
major historical events that shaped the way we live now. A
prelude to the desert winter for those in the Middle East and
South Asia. A respite from the warm tropical summer heat
elsewhere in Africa and Asia.

An opportunity to start anew.

In this edition of Air Cargo Update, we take a look at the daring
attempt of a family-owned company in Toowoomba, Australia
to change the economic landscape of their town by investing
$250 million to build what is now known as the Brisbane West
Wellcamp Airport.

Though small in operation compared to other airports in major
cities in Australia, Toowoomba’s first green field public airport
built in 50 years, is slowly making a name for itself and a
difference to the lives of those around it.
With a vision to turn the airport into Australia’s hub for
international air cargo, Toowoomba’s hardworking people are
assured their produce and livestock products will get

In The Lounge, we spoke to an international aviation executive
whose passion for flying and breaking new grounds, found
himself behind a huge team of individuals and companies who
strongly supported Solar Impulse 2, the world’s first solar plane
that successfully circumnavigated the world without using a
single drop of fuel.

We are also carrying the latest news in the aviation and air
cargo industry from across the globe. As an added feature,
we’re showcasing in this edition some of the latest gadgets and
technology you might want to know.

And finally, we’re introducing Unwind, a new section devoted
to give you options on places to visit, to chill out, to explore or
simply to just be you without the mundane demands of your

Time to be inspired!

Gemma Casas