IBA appoints Hatcher as COO

Published: Monday, April 16, 2018

IBA, the independent aviation advisory and leading aircraft appraisal firm, has appointed Dr Stuart Hatcher to the role of Chief Operating Officer. “IBA is evolving to meet increasingly complex industry requirements in diverse global markets. Wisdom, judgment and tenacity are the skills that embody our advisory and analytical services” says Phil Seymour – CEO at IBA. “Stuart brings a depth of gravitas and strength which the team here can rely upon.”

To speak of trust might be a cliché, but as IBA celebrates its 30th year with a vigorous and far-reaching plan to broaden its global footprint with an authoritative consulting, advisory and asset management portfolio, it is vital that the COO shares the vision of the CEO and can get the job done, explains Dr Hatcher. “You are working on projects through a depth of variable layers in the COO role, and whilst the CEO is focused on strategy, I will focus on the here and now with an execution mind-set and a bias toward action.

“Directing and coaching others throughout the business will be a key factor in my mission as COO. The team at IBA must all embrace the Company’s business strategy with complementary competencies and different areas of expertise. Importantly as we expand global operations and pursue potential acquisitions, effective internal leadership will become the lynchpin of our success.”

Dr Hatcher joined IBA in 2005 and was previously Chief Intelligence Officer responsible for IBA’s valuations, modeling and intelligence activity – analyzing the market and trade information, to refine IBA’s valuations and opinions on market trends and their effect on the industry. He has been responsible for developing IBA. iQ, the new online analysis platform offering essential market intelligence for aircraft operators and the global aviation leasing and finance community. Dr Hatcher holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry, as well as being a Senior ISTAT Certified Appraiser. With his unique blend of market expertise and understanding of the industry drivers, he is a regular speaker at industry conferences and respected author.