IAG Cargo appoints Jordan Kohlbeck as pharma head

Published: Monday, June 19, 2023

IAG Cargo has appointed Jordan Kohlbeck as head of pharmaceutical following the opening of its New Premia facility at Heathrow.
Kohlbeck has worked for the cargo business for more than three years, holding roles related to the firm’s constant climate product and transformation.
In the new role, he will oversee IAG’s temperature control pharmaceutical product.
“He will set the vision and strategic direction of its pharmaceutical and life sciences division,” IAG Cargo said in a press release. “Jordan will ensure the delivery of outstanding solutions and continuous advancement of the product experience for customers.”
Kohlbeck assumed his new position shortly after IAG Cargo opened its new cargo handling facility, New Premia, which features a Constant Climate Quality Centre (CCQC) with 27 cool cells for pharmaceuticals.
John Cheetham, chief commercial officer at IAG Cargo, said: “With Jordan’s leadership and understanding of the pharmaceutical landscape, we are confident in our ability to provide innovative solutions, and further strengthen our commitment to the global healthcare industry.”
Kohlbeck added: “I am excited to continue my work in supporting transformation at IAG Cargo and providing an important service for the pharmaceutical industry as a trusted partner in their supply chains.
“With this new responsibility, I look forward to working with our customers, suppliers, and team, ensuring we are relentless at delivering an exceptional customer experience and temperature control offering, befitting of any market leader.”