HPW Cargo becomes 1st Southeast Asian company to join online air cargo capacity trading platform Airblox

Published: Friday, August 12, 2022

Vietnamese freight forwarder HPW Cargo has become the first Southeast Asian company to join online air cargo capacity trading platform Airblox.

Airblox is an online marketplace that enables brokers, freight forwarders, and airlines to trade air cargo capacity in the form of standardized electronic block space agreements (eBSA).

Hanoi-headquartered HPW Cargo, which has offices in Ho Chi Minh City, as well as Hai Phong and Noi Bai airports, will start the partnership by listing its recurring Block Space Agreement (BSA) positions on the Hanoi, Vietnam, to Frankfurt, Germany lane this summer.

Buyers of capacity can bid for, buy outright, or block space from the holder of a BSA electronically using Airblox’s eBSAs.

“Our partnership with HPW Cargo marks our first expansion into the South-East Asian market as we continue to build our network, meet growth targets, and provide our platform to a larger user base,” said Edip Pektas, founder, Airblox.

“We look forward to working with HPW Cargo and finding new opportunities to develop together.”

Harris Hieu, sales manager, HPW Cargo, said: “Joining Airblox will be a great benefit for HPW Cargo as it allows us to automate our services and expand globally.

“We strongly believe that the Airblox business model is the future of air cargo space sale, and that taking the very first step with them will help us gain a foothold into the Industry 4.0 of interconnectivity and smart automation.”

Airblox is the first online platform to enable air cargo capacity to be traded in a blockchain infrastructure ensuring secure transactions.

The platform has over 2000 lanes listed, with predictive analytics and pricing forecast on major cargo lanes.

Buyers can bid for these spaces and get a response to their bids within minutes.

In June, French air charter broker Avico started listing freighter capacity on the Airblox platform.