HashMove: Redefining Logistics in the Digital Age

Published: Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Technology continues to shape how business is done, particularly in the logistics sector where demand is increasing amid the rapid rise in e-commerce and online activities.

The UAE, ranked as the third best globally and first regionally among the top 55 emerging markets in the logistics industry, has become a stronghold for startups introducing innovations, including in the logistics sector.

Technologies such as Big Data, smart solutions and IoT have tremendously helped the logistics industry in enhancing the overall output of the sector. And practicing smart logistics benefits the supply chains by making it more effective and efficient at each step.

Allied Market Research says the global connected logistics market will reach $27.7 billion by 2023, with annual compounded growth rate of 7.6%.

Smart Innovative Platform

HashMove, a smart logistics platform for shippers and logistics providers to engage in conducting global, multimodal and end-to-end logistics transactions, promises to be a game-changer.

Sarfaraz Alam, co-founder and CEO of HashMove, tells Air Cargo Update HashMove is a one-stop hub for any logistics business seeking services via sea, air, road or rail by instantly searching through hundreds of verified logistics businesses on its platform through its ‘search and book’ feature, connecting you with trusted logistics providers.

Alam says the platform’s dynamic pricing and last-minute deals give clients the best prices with route optimization through multimodal transportation options while its real-time tracking and monitoring feature keep customers updated with prompt notification and alerts while the shipments are in transit.

“We have created a platform that is essentially an operating network for trading parties involved in any aspect of logistics. It can operate on multiple levels, and as our footprint grows, we have a clear view of how we can continually add value to our partners and users. The first expression of our vision is the online marketplace where users can search, compare, book, manage and track a multimodal shipment end-to-end with multiple service providers all through a single click,” he said.

HashMove’s platform matches shipment requirements regarding routes and types of goods with all relevant service providers and presents options with filters for optimizing choices, based on the user preference around the route, time and price, and provider experience and specialisms, he noted.

“The aim was to provide a similar user experience as the established search and booking engines in other industries such as travel, which is now well-established, and which represents the level of customer experience users expect but which is still unfortunately unavailable within the logistics industry.”

The Smart Marketplace

In logistics, it matters that the right data is in the right place, at the right time, and making traffic and infrastructure-relevant information available to all concerned in real time.

“ Our marketplace is unique in providing a platform where all service providers involved in every aspect of the shipment are present in one place for shippers to book and manage processes in a digital environment. There is no one true marketplace providing end-to-end visibility from booking to last mile delivery in an Intermodal Logistics model,” Alam explained.

“Our ‘turnkey’ solution gives instant access to Transportation, Warehousing, Freight Forwarding, and Value-Added Services, by unifying licensed local and international providers under a single

“On the most obvious level, our marketplace brings a global presence and exposure to all the service providers featured.

However, because of the way we converge service providers and value-added services associated with logistics such as insurance and financing, the platform extends the scope of any business to partner with other providers and thereby unlocks previously untapped geographical and service opportunities. For example, a freight forwarder with inquiries in areas where they currently have no existing collaborations can use HashMove’s platform to find potential partners for the services and locations they need to extend their service offerings.

“On the digital front, HashMove’s marketplace allows service providers to now communicate with their customers more efficiently and in real time where required, providing a hitherto unachievable level of visibility that yields superior customer experience.”

For shipping customers, HashMove offers info on reliable providers and shippers, having the ability to compare and find the best prices and a single source, equipping you with information on varied end-to-end logistic providers along with value-added services.

Optimizing results

The search results populate initially, according to the core customer requirements, around the route, mode of transport and the types of goods getting shipped. In the first level of results, HashMove focuses on the two core drivers of transit time and price as the starting point for results.

“We have then provided the user with the opportunity to filter the starting results using several criteria which reflect both their specific priorities and the industry standards, such as experience, accreditation through to financing and credit options. The users of the platform will further enhance the selection filtering over time through crowdsource rating system of providers,” Alam says.

The HashMove marketplace as a cloud-based solution provides a smooth and painless transition from manual to digital pricing through and immediately elevates communication beyond the outmoded customer touchpoints that delay response times.

Once data enables the benefits of historical, real-time and predictive analytics, it equips users with the information to optimize efficiencies, productivity and revenue that benefit small and large-scale logistics providers alike.

“Additionally, optimized routes and pricing options enable the reduction of overall time and costs. Streamlined operations, predictive decision making, data analytics, digitalized document management, pricing and promotions along with real-time visibility and quality monitoring and value-added services being available under one single platform provides logistics businesses using HashMove’s smart marketplace the competitive edge they need,” Alam explained.

Bridging the digital gap

Digitalization is transforming every industry and logistics is no exception. And HashMove’s marketplace helps by exploring what greater data sharing can bring to industry players.

“Our marketplace also operates as a perfect ecosystem for the adoption of new technologies and again here the users of the platform will be able to dip their toe in the water of innovation without having to fully commit to investment and projects before they can see tangible ROI through its use as a service on our platform,” said Alam. On several

levels, HashMove’s platform and marketplace represent a reimagining of the current industry. Allowing any firm to adopt a digital presence is democratization which is disrupting the current massive incumbent dominance. It’s neutrality and cloud-based offering can be the driver for the much-needed new age of collaboration.

Collaborative logistics is essential if the service providers and customers are going to meet the consumer expectations around delivery. There have already been some great initiatives where technically ‘competitors’ have joined forces around supply chain services to achieve massive efficiencies.

“We hope HashMove’s marketplace will foster more of this type of collaboration through the ease with which it allows you to locate, connect and work with other providers. More and more, companies realize that the battle is not in the supply chain but on the shelf. Collaboration around logistics will free them up to focus on where they can differentiate themselves in a more meaningful way around product quality, diversity and customer experience,” said Alam.

“The customer experience and hence business growth benefits of getting the logistics right is there for all to see with Amazon. We hope our platform can bring to the B2B world what they have done at the B2C level,” he added.

What’s Next in the Logistics Industry

According to Alam, the Gulf market is expected to grow to $73 billion by 2021. The region has strong aspirations to be a global logistics hub, and so the adoption of the latest technologies will continue.

“Already we are seeing significant investment in infrastructure and facilities in Dubai South for instance, where the new warehousing is an example of how robotics and cobotics are changing the level of efficiencies achieved. Warehouses are using robots, unmanned cranes and forklifts with automated extensions that transfer, unload and upload goods by connecting through AI, advanced sensors, and geo guidance technology, all without human intervention.

“The UAE has the potential to emerge as the next digital powerhouse regarding technical advancement. Whatever this region has achieved and how dynamic it appears to the rest of the world is because of the leadership and vision of Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

“At HashMove, we understand that despite being such a huge market, there is an absence of a single united marketplace that connects demand and supply under one roof. We are filling that gap by introducing a solution that will unify all logistics needs in a more connected way to facilitate a slicker, digitalized experience for multi-modal, end-to-end logistics transactions. We hope our solution can be one of the initiatives that help realize the vision of the region.”

As HashMove builds its global footprint through the marketplace and other solutions and work with more providers, users and strategic partners, the company plans to harness the power of the data.

It sees the GCC as the perfect launch point given its younger infrastructure, high growth, focus on innovation and strong government support for shipping/transport development, noting that it has successfully tested its  beta and  its core functionalities.

“Subsequently, in the next stage, our partnership & alliance team members will begin activities to bring onboard, Shipping Lines, Freight Forwarders, Warehouse owners, Insurance Companies and value-added services providers onto our platform. The marketplace is just the first of many phases where we see there is an opportunity to bring immense value through innovation to the industry on a global level. Watch this space,” Alam shared.