Götz Ahmelmann returns to airberlinas Chief Commercial Officer

Published: Thursday, March 30, 2017

GötzAhmelmann returns to airberlin from Etihad Airways where, since 2015, he successfully implemented projects among the European Etihad Airways Partners. He will contribute his valuable international commercial experience to further the future growth of airberlin as a network carrier.

Thomas Winkelmann, Chief Executive Officer for airberlin, said, “Götz has a proven track record with many years of experience in the commercial field. As he returns to Germany, he can utilize his existing knowledge and experience of working at airberlin to make changes swiftly.”

Götz joinedairberlin on 1st March. On the same date, Julio Rodriguez takes up the position of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) with NIKI. As previously announced, from the summer 2017 season, NIKI will take over airberlin’s transport agreements relating to certain leisure destinations in Southern Europe as well as North Africa and Turkey. airberlin has agreed to sell the shares it indirectly holds in NIKI to Etihad Airways, which will in turn contribute it to a new airline group to be established with TUI AG.