Flexport and Chooose Collaborate to Offer Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Option on Freight Forwarding Platform

Published: Monday, November 20, 2023

Freight forwarder Flexport has partnered with climate change tech firm Chooose to add an option to utilize sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to its platform.
Flexport customers will have access to the SAF option within the forwarder’s sustainability dashboard.
The book and claim model will enable customers to purchase SAF certificates that can be applied as direct reductions against their scope three emissions.
“Scope three emissions are often the largest source of emissions for an organization as they’re outside of a company’s direct control and are driven by activities like supply chain operations and transportation,” Flexport said.
“Any customer with air shipment emissions will be able to support SAF, regardless of the origin or destination, carrier, or trade lane, and can do so with the confidence that it directly addresses airfreight emissions at the source, instead of relying on alternative paths, such as forestry management, to reduce their lifecycle carbon emissions.”
Apparel brand and Flexport customer Cotopaxi welcomed the addition of SAF.
“Urgently reducing our transportation emissions across our supply chain remains crucial if we’re to realize our aggressive net zero reduction plan. We are thrilled to use SAF to decrease the footprint from our air shipments with the support of Flexport,” said Annie Agle, vice president of impact and sustainability at Cotopaxi.
Neel Jones Shah, executive vice president, global key accounts and chief customer officer, added: “Sustainable Aviation Fuels are integral to decarbonizing the freight sector. Flexport’s partnership with Chooose will allow our customers to seamlessly address their airfreight emissions in the Flexport Platform.”