First flight of Suparna Airlines at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

Published: Monday, September 11, 2017

At 6:45 p.m. German time on August 28, 2017, a Boeing 747-400 plane of Suparna Airlines, coming from from Xi’an, the ancient historical and cultural capital in China, landed at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport in Germany. After a brief stay in Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, it flew to Erdos, China. With this landing, a new cargo route from Xi’an – Hahn – Erdos was formally opened. After being purchased by HNA Group, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport welcomed this new historical development opportunity.

For a long time, HNA Group has been actively practicing the national “the Belt and Road” strategy and conducting the globalized investment layout by focusing on the three main industries: aviation travel, modern logistics and modern financial service industry. The HNA Modern Logistics Group focuses on “airline logistics” as a development key point and is devoted to constructing an air “Silk Road”.

On August 9, 2017, after multi-round negotiations with the EU, the transaction in which HNA purchased 82.5% of the stock right of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has been formally successful. Subsequently, HNA will actively convince more freight airlines flying to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, keep perfecting the airline network layout of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport and Chinese aviation market and help with the rapid development of the international business of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport.

It is said that both Frankfurt-Hahn and Xi’an belong to the geometric center of the Central European continent. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is centrally located in Germany. It is located in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, 125 kilometres from Frankfurt am Main, capital of Hesse, Germany. Xi’an is known as the starting point of the ancient „Silk Road“ in China and Erdos has abundant products and resources. The opening of the new cargo route is favorable for promoting the product import and export and economic intercourse, as well as the friendly partnership between China and Germany.

In the future, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport will keep strengthening the connection between the Xi’an-centered important transport hub in China, fully construct the China-Europe airline logistics network and lay solid foundations for integrating the industry resources of HNA Modern Logistics Group, making Xi’an become the “Memphis of China” and gradually the global airline logistics network layout.

HNA Modern Logistics Group is a large-scale logistics industry holding group subordinate to the top 500 HNA Group. It focuses on constructing the global supply chain hub of the high value industries, aims to build the digital logistics ecological system facing the world and going through the whole process of logistics and providing the all-round and integrated logistics management and services for clients. The businesses of HNA Modern Logistics Group cover business sections like airline freight, airport management, storage investment, logistics financial service and smart logistics. It manages over 40 member enterprises, with the total assets of more than 180 billion yuan.

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is an international airport for cargo and passenger business. The airport counts 2.6 million passengers and 80,000 tons of cargo per year. In order to that, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is one of the ten largest airports in Germany. Its 24-hour operating license, flexible slots, modern ground handling services and convenient airport charges have turned Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to an important location for the aviation business. With its 3,800 meter long runway and strong local partners Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is an ideal hub for international passenger and air cargo operations.