Finnair Cargo expands its digital booking capabilities

Published: Saturday, May 15, 2021

Finnair Cargo has expanded its digital booking capabilities by listing its capacity on online booking portal WebCargo.

The airline will initially be available to WebCargo customers in the US and Europe.

WebCargo said the move reflects an overall increase in the adoption of digital technologies due to the fallout from Covid — less cargo capacity, increased e-commerce demand, and a shift to air due to high ocean rates.

The portal said it now represents more than 22% of global air cargo capacity.

Karri Kauppi, head of revenue management and pricing, Finnair Cargo, said: “Through our partnership with WebCargo, we look forward to offering forwarders real-time availability of our network between US, Europe and Asia.

“Providing our forwarders with diverse airline carriers to suit their varied shipping needs has always been a priority for WebCargo,” said Manel Galindo, chief executive of WebCargo. “We’re thrilled to partner with Finnair Cargo, a carrier known for embracing digital air cargo solutions.”