Finnair Cargo adapts strategies to succeed weakening world economy

Published: Thursday, October 6, 2016

Europe’s carriers are finding new ways to succeed in a weakening world economy. Next to increasing their additional cargo capacity, location, aircraft and infrastructure also play an increasingly important role. Against this backdrop, Finnair Cargo Managing Director Janne Tarvainen discussed his airline’s new strategy with Aircargo Club Germany (ACD) and spoke to Uwe Beck, Managing Director of BeCon Projects, about the new fully automated cargo terminal in Helsinki.

“Because of low profit margins in the air cargo sector, the need for airlines to adapt their strategies is bigger than ever before. Creative approaches are needed – for example high quality offers for pharmaceutical companies or applying innovative technologies”, says Winfried Hartmann, President of ACD and adds, “That is why it is so important for our members to exchange ideas and experiences.”

Tarvainen points out that Finnair is strategically well placed in Helsinki-Vantaa and has also invested in the newest aircraft, the Airbus A350 XWB, as well as in an ideal ground infrastructure. The new fully automated cargo terminal, which will become operational in Spring 2017, will then be one of the most modern terminals in the world.

ACD member Beck, from BeCon Projects, whose company developed the new facility for Finnair, states, “Following the creed of `form follows function´, the fully automated Cool Nordic Cargo Hub puts an emphasis on high functionality. In line with the needs of the airline, the terminal, measuring 37,000 square meters, will also include special transshipment facilities for pharmaceutical products and perishable goods, such as fish and seafood.”

Pharmaceutical goods, for example vaccines, are the fastest growing sector in the air cargo industry. “With the new facilities for pharmaceuticals and fish, we can offer our clients ideal temperature conditions for transshipment. This way, in only 34 hours, Nordic salmon can be transported to Asia“, as Tarvainen from Finnair Cargo emphasizes.

For European carriers, such as Finnair Cargo, the growing Asian market is of great importance and the Silk Road is still an important part of the global route network.

About the ACD:

The Aircargo Club Deutschland (ACD) was founded as a sector-related interest and discussion platform to promote air freight traffic in 1963. The approx. 250 members are leading company representatives from the air freight sector with responsibility across Germany or in the international market. They represent a growth sector, which connects people, countries and industries and enables free global trade.