Finding time to connect with family in the midst of a busy life in the air cargo industry

Published: Monday, July 15, 2019

Mohammed Ali Al Musafir, Senior Vice President – Oman Air Cargo at Oman Air, has a lot on his plate as the airline aggressively competes in the cut-throat air freight industry, pursuing growth and new business opportunities.
His job requires constant travel across the globe, good leadership and business acumen, mentoring staff, precision and making the right decisions within the company, working with about 75 interline partners and responsible for moving goods across the globe for individuals and businesses that trust in Oman Air Cargo’s reliable and efficient air freight services.

Oman Air, the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman, is a vital lifeline in growing Oman’s economy with each new destination launched ushering new opportunities for trade, business, and tourism prospects for Omanis.

“It feels great,” shared Al Musafir with Air Cargo Update when asked how it feels to see the airline which he has been serving since 1996 make leaps and bounds in such a short time in the global aviation industry.

“We started with domestic flights. Then flights to Dubai and India were launched. Now we’re flying almost everywhere. It’s a success story. It connects Oman to the world. We are hoping that the airline will grow further and fly to more destinations. Aside from being one of the major stakeholders in supporting the Sultanate of Oman’s National Air Cargo strategy, we are fully dedicated to work towards the development and growth of Oman’s Air Cargo business by supporting local exports which include the fisheries and agriculture sectors,” he added.

In 2016, Al Musafir, who previously held other senior management roles in the airline, took the responsibility of leading Oman Air Cargo and had since been instrumental in turning around its business to a strong and sustainable one.

In 2017, Oman Air Cargo posted 38 percent growth in sales and cargo volumes, followed by 17 percent in 2018. There is optimism in getting good numbers in 2019 with Q1 2019 showing 16 percent year-on-year growth despite the many challenges the industry faces.

In the midst of his daunting tasks and responsibilities, this devout father of six—four adults and two teenage kids, still finds time for family and personal hobbies whenever he can.

On weekends, he prefers to spend his time with his family enjoying the sun, sand and the sea dotting Oman’s beautiful coastlines.

“I don’t have so much free time to be honest. I spend my weekend with the family. We go for picnic and enjoy the sea. Oman is a beautiful country with beautiful beaches. And whenever we have an opportunity, we go out as a family,” shared Al Musafir who is highly regarded in the business for his hard work and innovative business solutions.

Busy as he seems, Al Musafir also finds time to read, reflect on each day’s events and update himself on the latest developments in the volatile and dynamic air cargo industry.