Ethiopia and Eritrea breaks 20-year military standoff in a peace summit

Published: Monday, July 9, 2018

The government-owned Ethiopian Airlines flew the Ethiopian delegation led by the Prime Minister who came to power in April.

A former army military intelligence officer, Abiy, 41, promised political and economic reforms for Ethiopia and is constantly preaching for love and unity in his many speeches.

A loud cheer welcomed the Ethiopian delegation when it touched down the Asmara Airport. Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki hugged Abiy at the airport who were both seen laughing and smiling.

“While we celebrate this beautiful day in history, we wish the best of sustainable peace, friendship and prosperity to both the Eritrean and Ethiopian peoples. We are looking forward not only to connect Eritrea with Ethiopia but also to connect Eritrea with more than 114 international destinations in 5 continents with modern airplanes,” Ethiopian Airlines, the largest and fastest growing airline in the African continent said in a statement.

The breakthrough summit is seen to improve stability in the Horn of Africa which continues to see conflicts.

Eritrea and Ethiopia fiercely fought between 1998 to 2000 killing 70,000 people. Sporadic clashes and a military standoff ensued during the succeeding years.

The two countries agreed to reopen embassies, restore flight links and telecommunication services between them.

“We have agreed to open up embassies in our respective countries, allow our people to visit each other’s cities, and allow our airlines and ports to operate freely. Love is greater than modern weapons like tanks and missiles. Love can win hearts, and we have seen a great deal of it today here in Asmara,” the media quoted Abiy as saying.