Enquanhone Minyashal

Published: Monday, February 27, 2017

Manager Ethiopian Cargo-Gulf

Enquanhone Minyashal is a proud African and an even prouder Ethiopian. And there are good reasons to be one.

Ethiopia which is known the world over as the birth place of coffee is now one of the leading nations in the continent as far as economy and innovations in education and other industries are concerned—proof of its successful quest to uplift its status in the midst of poverty and uncertainties in Africa despite its many natural resources.

After earning his marketing degree at the Commercial College of Ethiopia, Minyashal was immediately hired as a marketing clerk for Ethiopian Airlines and quickly climbed up the ladder, joining an elite team of marketers promoting the nation’s flag carrier as the premier choice among travellers in and around the region.

While working, Minyashal took up his master’s degree in marketing and after spending seven years on the passenger side of the airline industry, he jumped to cargo.

“It’s more challenging. More detailed and you have to be in control at all times because the cargo cannot speak for themselves,” Minyashal described the cargo industry.

In all, Minyashal has been with Ethiopian Airlines for the past 16 years where his talent has been nurtured and rewarded.
Since last year, he has been managing the airline’s Dubai office for the Gulf region, a daunting task in a very competitive open market environment.

This 6’2” tall father of two young boys who loves football shares his success with his wife who works as program assistant for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).

A firm believer of gender equality and women empowerment, Minyashal says he decided not to force his wife to quit her job and join him in Dubai so she too could flourish in her chosen career.

And for all their accomplishments, Minyashal says having a dream is very important.

“First of all you need to have a dream and you need to dream high. Work hard,” says the cargo executive. “I am a proud African and I am even more proud to be an Ethiopian.”

Read on the rest of Air Cargo Update’s interview with this focused-driven executive who endures distance to give his spouse the chance to grow professionally yet still keeping their family intact.

What do you do in your spare time?

There’s no free time (laughter). In this business, you always have to stay alert and on the go at all times.

What is your dream place to visit?

Anywhere that I can take my family.

Your favourite book?

I like subject materials. Those that can help me grow professionally. I also like John Grisham novels. I like the legal drama and the suspense factors in his books.

What sport do you play?

I like football. In football, all of your body parts are moving—your brain, your eyes, your legs and feet, your arms and there’s human interaction.

Any pets?

We have cats and dogs. They don’t always get along at all times. (Laughter)

Name some gadgets you can’t live without in this day and age?

My smartphone and my laptop. I need to have them anywhere at any time to check on urgent information that need to be addressed.