Google is the best place to launch your career

Published: Thursday, August 25, 2016

Universum’s Middle East Talent Survey 2016 presents key findings from more than 7,600 students in 30 universities throughout the UAE.

-This year’s survey reveals many surprising results, especially regarding the employer rankings where there has been a lot of movement among the top 10 employers for talent in the UAE

– Google tops the ideal rankings – not only does it win the attention of talent because of its culture and perks, but it is known as the best place to launch a career according to graduate talent.

-Renewable energy company Masdar is the company of choice among hundreds of Emirati engineering students. Masdar is proving to be tough competition for Google among graduates wanting to work for a creative dynamic and innovative employer.

-Dubai Airports also continues to climb in the employer rankings by appealing to both business and engineering graduates looking for stability and prestige

-For the first time, Emirates Airlines is not the preferred employer within the airline sector, with Etihad Airways taking the top position in the airlines’ industry in the UAE. Etihad is seen as a fast-growing, prestigious company that offers superb training and development for recent hires; the company has aligned its employer brand effectively with the preferences of talent in the region.

-Apple makes its first appearance on the UAE rankings this year, starting off its first year on the list with a high rank. Apple’s success among UAE talent highlights the unbeatable combination a strong consumer brand coupled with an even stronger employer brand reputation.

– Research on what drives students’ career decision-making shows differences in expected wage and career priorities among UAE nationals and non-Emiratis.

August 24, 2016, Dubai: A survey of more than 7,600 university students by the international employment research company Universum revealed that Google continues to win the hearts of Business students with an employer brand that is closely aligned with talent’s top priorities of a friendly and respectful working culture, a creative, innovative and dynamic environment that allow people to feel at home at work. Google also provides an incredible reference for talent’s future careers.

Claudia Tattanelli, Chairman of the Strategic Advisory Board at Universum, said, “Graduates all around the world are clear with the fact that if they have Google on their resume they will be able to land any job they wish going forward. Talent across the globe knows about the fantastic work environment from the offices to the incredible perks and benefits they will receive at Google while also being able to work on exciting new technologies. This combination makes for an irresistible choice among graduates today.”

Amongst Emirati engineering students, however, Masdar takes the top spot as the ideal employer for talent.

Ahmed Baghoum, Executive Director for Human Capital & Services at Masdar, said: “We are honoured to be trusted by Emirati youth – for the second year in a row. We are also proud that our mission to advance the clean energy industry in Abu Dhabi and around the world resonates well with their future ambitions. Talented young professionals make up one-fifth of our workforce, and they truly embody our company’s innovative and passionate drive for sustainability.”

The findings are a reflection of the UAE Government’s substantial investment into sustainable sources of renewable energy. The country has invested billions of dirhams into low-carbon and renewable energy projects including Masdar City and the Shams solar power plant, both spearheaded by Masdar.

Claudia Tattanelli, Chairman of the Strategic Advisory Board at Universum, said, “The UAE survey results provide a clear indication that the country’s desire to prioritise investment into renewable energy is permeating through society into future generations of engineering and IT graduates.”

Quite impressive is the lead that Etihad has gained over Emirates Airlines this year proving how attractive Etihad has become not only as one of the best airlines in the world but also as one of the best places to start a career.

Claudia Tattanelli, Chairman of the Strategic Advisory Board at Universum, said when asked if she was surprised by this result: “ It’s an incredible achievement considering the airline hasn’t been around as long as others. I have heard from graduates outside the business as well as employees of the firm about how dynamic and progressive the culture is and what amazing benefits are provided to employees. The company also provides new joiners and current employees with some of best training and development I have seen anywhere.“

Ray Gammell, Etihad Aviation Group Chief People and Performance, said, “To be voted by students as the top employer in the airline industry within the UAE is a wonderful recognition that reflects Etihad Airways’ commitment to attracting and developing Emirati talent to build the nation’s future aviation leaders.

“We are committed to our people and continue to expand their capabilities and professional growth opportunities through world-class development programmes, with classes at renowned educational institutions, on-the-job training and international placements across our network. Our people have our full support and we are dedicated to investing in their future.”

With aviation, proving so popular among Emirati job seekers, it’s no surprise that Dubai Airports also placed in the top 10 ideal companies ranking for both Emiratis and expats students across all disciplines alike.

Rasha Sbeih, Manager – Organizational Culture & Performance Management at Dubai Airports, said: “We are extremely excited about the fact that students from different specialities within the UAE are becoming more attractive to join the aviation industry and to Dubai Airports in specific. This is indeed a motivating and positively challenging journey for us to continue in offering unique benefits and exposure to attract and retain talent, so we achieve our vision to be the #1 leading Airports worldwide.”

The UAE was one of six countries surveyed as part of Universum’s Middle East Talent Survey 2016, along with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait and Qatar. Conducted over a six-month period, the research uncovers university students’ attitudes about employers and what drives their career decision-making.

Universum is a global leader in employer attractiveness research and insights. The company delivers a range of services to empower employers to better attract, recruit and retain talent.

Students of all nationalities and degree subjects said their top preferences for their future career were high earnings and professional training. Emiratis expected an average monthly salary of 17,395 AED per month in their first job, while non-Emirati respondents expected 11,888 AED per month.

When asked about their personal career goals, students of all nationalities and areas of study prioritised work/life balance, job security, and the chance to be entrepreneurial and creative in their career.

Friendly working environments and respect for employees are also key drivers together with working for a prestigious employer who will provide the best training and development.

“The battle between the UAE’s leading companies to secure the best young talent from the country’s universities is fierce, and will only become more competitive as the economy expands further into new sectors and as more multinationals enter this market ,” said Mrs Tattanelli.

“The Universum survey is a crucial tool in helping employers get an insight into what students are prioritising in their future careers and enabling companies to match what they offer to student expectations.”

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