Emirates SkyCargo transports horses for Longines Global Champions Tour

Published: Sunday, May 19, 2019

Emirates SkyCargo has transported almost 100 horses for the Shanghai leg of the Longines Global Champions Tour using the Emirates Equine product.

The 91 horses boarded two Boeing 777 Freighters specially chartered for the occasion for their journey from Belgium.

The horses were first led into specially designed horse stalls, which were then loaded directly into the freighter for a smooth boarding experience.

On the flights, the horses were accommodated two per horse stall, which were fitted with hay nets to ensure that the equine champions did not lack in-flight snacks.

Emirates SkyCargo’s equine customers also had access to constant care during the flight as the freighter has provision for qualified vets and grooms to travel with the horses during the flight.

The airline worked with equine transport company Peden Bloodstock to ensure that the horses were well care for before, during and after their flights.

After the tournament, the horses once again boarded their Emirates SkyCargo flights back to Belgium.