Emirates Delivers adds UK for fast delivery to its ecommerce platform

Published: Saturday, December 17, 2022

Emirates Delivers, the e-commerce platform of Emirates SkyCargo, has added the UK for United Arab Emirates-based customers seeking fast delivery for their online shopping.

Thousands of UAE-based shoppers have been using Emirates Delivers to shop from US retailers since it launched in 2019.

It now enables customers to shop from multiple online retailers in the UK, consolidate their purchases, and have the goods delivered directly to their door.

The introduction of Emirates Delivers UK comes as the strong dollar adds to the attraction of online shopping from UK retailers.

Emirates Delivers is an e-commerce shipping solution for both individual customers, as well as small businesses who regularly make online purchases for their personal or business needs. It is an open e-commerce fulfilment platform that can also be used by other e-commerce businesses and logistics integrators.

Customers can take advantage of the competitive shipping rates offered by Emirates Delivers to move their goods from the UK to Dubai.

Customers also benefit from reduced shipping weight as unneeded packaging material from each individual shipment is removed when Emirates Delivers repack the goods into one consolidated box.

To use Emirates Delivers UK, customers have to register on www.emiratesdelivers.uk to be allocated a unique and free Emirates Delivers mailing address in the UK. Registration is free. Customers already signed-up to the Emirates Delivers US service can use a handy drop-down link in the menu after logging onto their accounts.

Items purchased from UK e-commerce retailers will be delivered to a customer’s Emirates Delivers address in the UK, where goods can be stored free of charge for up to 30 days.

Customers can continue to shop and build up their purchases with the flexibility to create a shipping request anytime within these 30 days. Once a shipping request is created, their purchases will be consolidated into one parcel and delivered to their designated UAE address within 3-5 days.

Customers may also request for photos to be taken of the packages before these are transported to Dubai on one of Emirates SkyCargo’s multiple daily flights departing from the UK.

Customers can track their packages with Emirates Delivers from the moment it reaches the warehouse in the UK to the moment it lands on their doorstep in the UAE.

A dedicated fleet of Emirates Delivers vans are deployed to complete the final step of the process dropping all consolidated shopping in one box to the customer’s doorstep anywhere in the UAE within the three to five day period.

To the UK, Emirates offers cargo capacity on over 119 weekly flights to 7 cities, operating: six flights a day to London Heathrow; three times daily to Gatwick; daily to Stansted; three times daily to Manchester, double daily to Birmingham; daily to Newcastle; and daily to Glasgow.

The carrier operates to 13 destinations in the US, offering cargo capacity on over 100 weekly flights including scheduled freighter services to destinations including Columbus, Chicago, Houston, and New York.