ECS adds new service center in India

Published: Wednesday, June 21, 2023

ECS has added a new service center in India to its back office offering – Squair – on the back of rising demand for air waybill (AWB) verification.
The new Squair Service Center is in Mumbai and is the first the company has opened in Asia.
ECS said that as demand for AWB verification outsourcing is increasing, the new team will perform the AWB data capture activity for existing Squair customers and “allow for future growth opportunities”.
The new team in Mumbai complements the existing Squair team based in Sofia which has been providing both AWB verification and customs reporting services to international airlines across 12 countries since 2019.
“There is a growing interest amongst airlines to maximize efficiency in their processes,” said Adrien Thominet, executive chairman of ECS Group. “AWB verification is a necessary, resource-intensive, yet non-revenue-generating activity.
“India is the perfect location for our Verify service expansion as it offers an abundant and skilled workforce with competitive unit costs and increases our time zone coverage.”
The new India team has been carrying out AWB verification on behalf of a leading airline operating from Spain and the Netherlands and is preparing to extend the geographical coverage in more European countries as the year progresses.
The India team currently employs five people but there are plans to expand to 20 people by early next year.
“In the initial phase, our team in India is building on the Verify expertise of our team based in Bulgaria, where they are familiar with the specifics of the European markets. The long-term plan, however, is to establish dedicated Verify support for airlines located in and serving the Asian markets, operating in the same time zone as our Indian Squair Service Center,” said Ian-Alexandre McMartin, general manager of Squair.