EASA awards Avensis Aviation with STC certificate

Published: Sunday, September 11, 2022

Conversion firm Avensis Aviation has been awarded a permanent freighter Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) by European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for its fully reversible MEDIUS cargo modification.

Avensis said its MEDIUS reversible solution features a Class-E cargo compartment without a cargo door, meaning it has the level of fire protection required for a freighter.

“MEDIUS is a completely reversible solution that transforms passenger cabins into full Class-E cargo compartments, allowing customers the freedom to quickly adapt to industry demand,” the company said.
Applicable to Airbus A330, the modification also introduces a separated Supernumerary Crew Cabin.
The launch customer for the solution is TAP Air Cargo.

Cristian Sutter, chief executive of Avensis Aviation, said: “As the industry recovers from the pandemic, flexible passenger to freighter (PTF) capacity is more important than ever to ensure airlines’ optimized fleet utilization and deliver greater revenue potential.

“We are thrilled to be the only approved PTF provider to offer the MEDIUS product, this advanced, first-of-its-kind cargo conversion solution.

“This is a major milestone for us as an organization, but it is only a glimpse of our capabilities and we have further product launches planned for the coming months. Our thanks to EASA, and to our launch customer, TAP Air Cargo, for their support throughout the approval process.”

Avensis’ other customers, including AELF FlightService, joined TAP Air Cargo as confirmed customers of the MEDIUS modification with 10 committed conversions for 2022-23.

Other airlines are also looking to transform passenger aircraft into temporary freighters with Class-E cargo compartments.

Eastern Airlines plans to add 35 specially converted B777 passenger-converted freighters.
Meanwhile, Vallair has also unveiled a temporary Airbus A330-300 E Class widebody freighter conversion solution.