'During weekends, I embark on long runs and bike rides, providing me with a sense of meditation and rejuvenation.'

Published: Monday, June 19, 2023

Setting up a business comes with many challenges. Unlocking solutions and adopting innovative ideas to make your operations work is key to growth.
Learning about these fundamental rules in business comes as an initiation to many in the field, including, Yuval Baruch, the CEO of Hermes Logistics Technologies.
“Entering a new industry posed its challenges, particularly in terms of understanding the unique characteristics of Hermes as a company and familiarizing myself with the intricacies of the air cargo ecosystem. Crafting a strategic vision for the company proved to be pivotal, ensuring that we maintained a competitive edge and stayed ahead of the game in this dynamic and technologically active landscape,” shared Baruch, adding, he had to use multifaceted approaches to overcome the initial challenges.
He continued: “Initially, I embarked on a customer tour, immersing myself in face-to-face interactions with clients to gather unfiltered feedback. This allowed me to gain insights into their preferences, expectations, and plans. Additionally, I invested considerable time in closely collaborating with my team, diligently learning about the intricacies of the business, and fostering a deep understanding of our operations. Armed with this knowledge, I formulated a comprehensive strategy, which entailed assembling a proficient leadership team to drive our growth trajectory. Since then, we have experienced continuous expansion and progress.”
In the dynamic corporate world, work-life balance is considered an art form, varying from person to person.
“When it comes to maintaining a work-life balance, I must admit that I am still on a quest for improvement. Nevertheless, I have identified a few strategies that help me unwind and recharge. As an avid triathlete, I find solace and mental clarity in physical activities. During weekends, I embark on long runs and bike rides, providing me with a sense of meditation and rejuvenation. Furthermore, I have developed a fondness for fine whiskey, appreciating its ability to help me unwind after a challenging day. Savoring a shot of whiskey allows me to reflect, cleanse my mind, and regain focus—a perfect complement to my relatively intense career and demanding work environment,” Baruch shared.
As a businessman, Baruch has been blessed to constantly travel and each destination leaves a unique imprint to one’s mind.
“I have been fortunate to explore various captivating destinations. Vietnam left an indelible impression on me, with its breathtaking scenery and rich cultural heritage. Costa Rica, too, captivated my heart with its natural beauty and charm. However, my recent relocation to Italy has allowed me to discover the wonders of this captivating country. From the historical treasures scattered throughout the land to the picturesque landscapes, Italy has become a source of constant inspiration and exploration,” he said.
And traveling leads to savoring different cuisines.
“I find myself drawn to two extremes. Japanese delicacies, such as sushi and sashimi, captivate me with their precision, delicacy, and refined flavors. On the other end of the spectrum, Indian cuisine entices me with its bold and vibrant mix of spices and flavors. These two culinary worlds provide me with a culinary journey that satisfies both my appreciation for precision and my love for rich, diverse tastes,” Baruch explained.
Baruch is also keen on learning new languages to bridge the gap between people.
“If I were to choose a language to learn, I would be most curious about Chinese. Given China’s significant global influence and impact, being able to communicate in their native language would open doors to deeper understanding and connection. Like my experience with Italian, speaking someone’s language allows for a more profound connection and enhanced learning,” he said.
In terms of literary preferences, Baruch prefers fiction. “I find solace and escapism in fiction. Espionage and legal thrillers, with their suspenseful plots, hold a particular appeal for me. These stories offer a much-needed break from reality and provide an avenue for relaxation and mental stimulation.”
But while he delights in reading fiction, Baruch is cognizant of the importance of personal growth. “Throughout my personal and professional journey, I have sought opportunities for personal development and growth. One notable program that left a lasting impact on me was ‘Landmark’. This transformative experience encouraged introspection and empowered me.”