Dubai Trade deploys eLearning platform

Published: Friday, September 11, 2020

Dubai Trade, in association with Supply Chain Academy, has primed the deployment of its new E-Learning Platform, a next-generation initiative that is powered with simulation modules for every course.

On completion, the modules will present the aspirant with international accreditation and certification by the Supply Chain Academy, with accredited training content by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM).

The E-Learning Platform will aim to benefit more than 180,000 companies registered on Dubai Trade Portal.

The new online learning platform offers an advanced visual and instructional design based on the principles of the Cognitive Load Theory (CLT), and is open to supply chain professionals seeking to further develop their skills.

Hussain Alblooshi, Chief Operating Officer of Dubai Trade, said, “We believe that the secret to mastering a complex skillset demanded by the industry lies in the adoption of simplicity in teaching techniques. While developing a new online learning platform our focus has been to enhance the learning experience to match traditional classroom training courses.

“The simulation modules aim to achieve this goal. Coupled with E-learning, the Platform is the right tool for supply chain trainees. We look forward to making learning significantly more impactful and effective for professionals in the industry.”

Thomas Schmitt, Managing Director, Supply Chain Academy, said, “We are excited for the Supply Chain Academy’s partnership with a well-respected and accomplished organization like Dubai Trade, and the opportunity it creates for industry professionals.

“Our training solutions benefit supply chain teams around the world. We’re confident that we can expand our support to this region knowing we have a partnership that can continue to grow.”