Dubai Customs deploys self-service device to issue cards at Port Rashid

Published: Saturday, September 17, 2016

Customers no longer have to stand in line for regular customs card for means of transport and machinery issuance procedure. The process has become a lot easier now, as Dubai Customs deployed an automated, self-service device to issue the card in Port Rashid Customs Centre.

Dubai Customs issued a total of 769,000 customs cards for means of transport and machinery in 2015; equivalent to 3,200 cards per day. The new device helps customers complete their transactions with Customs conveniently and in no time.

Abdulaziz Al Salman, Senior Manager of Port Rashid Customs Center, said the new facility is becoming increasingly popular among customers, as more and more of them are opting for the new automated platform once they see how user-friendly it is.

In addition to making customers happy by reducing the time they spend in Customs, the new device is helping Port Rashid Customs Center officials re-direct their human resources towards other duties.

The new device, according to Al Salman, saves around 7,760 working minutes a day, with an average of 970 customer visits daily to the center to issue customs cards for means of transport and machinery. It normally takes 8-10 minutes to issue the cards manually over the counter.