DP World to build inland port in Jammu and Kashmir’s newly declared Union Territory

Published: Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The Dubai-headquartered multinational provider of smart logistics, DP World is set to construct an inland port in India’s Jammu and Kashmir newly declared Union Territory, the region’s Lt-Governor, Manoj Sinha stated recently.

“They have already earmarked a 250-acre site. We have met with DP World officials and they will soon visit the site and finalize the project,” Sinha said, highlighting that “UAE is a launching pad for Jammu and Kashmir and its products to enter other Arab countries and also the rest of the world. With the coming up of an inland port by DP world, our freight problems will be solved and Kashmir’s products will reach the world markets. Our farmers will benefit from the production unit. We are going to have a sea change in Kashmir.”

The investment is part of a recent agreement signed by the government of Dubai and its Indian counterpart to develop the region’s infrastructure, with over $1 billion allocated for multiple projects in Kashmir including industrial parks, logistics centers, IT towers, a specialty hospital and a school of medicine.

“India and the UAE share historical ties. But we have not seen this level of cooperation between the two countries.” Sinha said, adding that he expects more foreign investments in Kashmir.