Dimerco Group invests in German subsidiary Elanders Group

Published: Sunday, January 5, 2020

Effective immediately, Dimerco Express Group has revealed a joint venture with 25% investment in the newly-founded German subsidiary of Swedish public company Elanders Group, ITG Air & Sea.

ITG Air & Sea is a spin-off from ITG Internationale Spedition + Logistik (ITG), which was launched November 1 2019, enabling ITG and its parent company Logistics Group International (LGI) to concentrate on its core competencies, offering a further enhanced integrated logistics service. Both ITG and LGI are part of the Elanders Group.

Dimerco has enjoyed a successful business partnership with ITG for over 25 years. This latest strategic investment will strengthen mutual cooperation and will increase Dimerco’s ability to serve customers better, as well as expanding business by leveraging German based LGI and ITG, and Swedish based Elanders’s logistics capabilities to advance its global presence. Moreover, Elanders Group will be able to improve service capability across Dimerco’s network in Great China, Asia Pacific, India and North America, spanning over 160 locations. In addition, Dimerco Value Plus System will enhance its service capability to grow the business further for a win-win effect.

Dimerco’s newly restructured Business Intelligence Technology (BIT) Division, focusing on the development and application of its own Dimerco Value Plus System which operates on web.3.0 cloud network and offers the mobility to operate and service customers in any location and at any time, when there is internet connection. This rapid and comprehensive improvement of AI technology, application of big data and semi-automation technology in the Internet+ environment underpins Dimerco’s re-positioning of the company as a “Mobile Intelligence Logistics Service Provider”, says the company.

Headquartered at Schwaig near Munich Airport, ITG is an entrepreneurial logistics service provider with 12 branches and seven logistics centres in Germany, the Netherlands, USA and Russia, it provides a customised service to clients across the fashion, textiles, cosmetics, lifestyle and luxury brands sectors, also specialising in promotions and merchandising sectors.