DHL survey highlights online buying flexibility

Published: Saturday, September 17, 2016

Eight out of ten German consumers value flexibility and control over the delivery of their online purchases, according to a new study from DHL.

The consumers were particularly keen on having the ability to choose their day of delivery and their preferred delivery window – and they wanted the estimated delivery time to be accurate.

Almost nine out of ten consumers (88%) felt that it was important they were kept informed about the status of their delivery – and this should include not only a shipping confirmation but updates ahead of the actual delivery.
On the whole, these results will probably not come as a major surprise: after all, who does not want to be kept informed about their purchase, especially if the service is complimentary? But report also offered the heartening statistic that 99% of the online shoppers taking part in the DHL survey considered that they are kept well informed about their deliveries.

Home delivery to the door is still the most popular option for German consumers (77%), but the survey suggested that the use of parcel lockers as an alternative is growing in popularity. Indeed, 14% said that this was their preferred option. And evening deliveries – with accurate time windows – are innovation that have been a hit with consumers.