DHL certified as IATA Center of Excellence for Independent Validators Lithium Batteries

Published: Saturday, December 17, 2022

DHL Global Forwarding is the first organization in the UK to be certified as an IATA Center of Excellence for Independent Validators Lithium Batteries (CEIV Li-batt).

The certification covers six sites – Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Luton, Manchester and Purfleet – and follows a rigorous certification process across these locations over several months, which included training for employees, as well as an on-site assessment and audit process.

Said Thomas Mack, Global Head of Air Freight at DHL Global Forwarding: “The certification of our DHL Global Forwarding UK operations is only a first step. We are already working on auditing and certifying other key facilities in our global air freight network. Electrification of the mobility sector is gaining momentum with lithium-ion batteries playing a key role.

“We gained a lot of expertise and know-how during the certification process and it will help us to provide first-class and highly secure transportation and storage services throughout our extensive global network.”

Lithium batteries have become the preferred energy source to power a wide variety of consumer goods, ranging from mobile phones to children’s toys to cars and e-bikes. However, they are classed as dangerous goods that can pose a safety risk if not prepared in accordance with transport regulations.

Said Frederic Leger, Senior Vice President Commercial Products and Services at IATA: “We congratulate DHL Global Forwarding UK in becoming the first logistics company in the UK to achieve CEIV Lithium Battery certification.

“The lithium battery market is growing exponentially, we need to ensure a safe and efficient transportation system to meet demand. Having one of the largest players in the forwarding sector in the UK support the CEIV Lithium Battery program is a significant boost towards ensuring the safe carriage of products containing lithium batteries.

“It gives shippers the assurance that these are being transported with the highest safety standards.”

CEIV Li-batt has been introduced in response to concerns from within the aviation industry about a lack of awareness of the danger lithium batteries pose, and an increasing number of incidents of intentionally mis-declared and non-compliant lithium batteries in cargo shipments.

It establishes baseline standards to improve the level of competency and quality management in the handling and carriage of lithium batteries throughout the supply chain.

Said Paul Chinery, Vice President Air Freight at DHL Global Forwarding in the UK: “Being the first DHL Global Forwarding country to receive this certification, as well as the first organization in the UK, clearly demonstrates our commitment to a safety first culture and will hopefully lead to our fellow countries, competitors and other industry stakeholders following our lead.”