Dematic provides automated solutions for floristry items

Published: Thursday, October 10, 2019

Dematic has completely automated the new distribution centre of the Dutch wholesaler of packaging solutions for Dillewijn Zwapak B.V. flowers and floristry items in Amstelveen. There, the intralogistics specialist has installed a custom solution with an automated guided vehicle transport system (AGVTS) consisting of self-propelled narrow aisle trucks and automated guided vehicles (AGV), pallet racking and a paternoster picking system. The systems enable fully automatic pallet loading and unloading as well as semi-automatic package and product picking. There is room for up to 14,000 pallets in the distribution center, with 10,000 square meter floor space and up to 18 meter high ceilings. Dillewijn Zwapak currently takes an average of around 300 pallets daily in and out of storage. As a result of the new building, the company is now combining its previous four warehouse locations at its headquarters. At the Dematic Customer Day on November 21, interested parties will be able to see the solutions and how they work live on-site.

“The Dematic system allows us to store much more in a smallerarea,” says Mark de Krosse, CEO of Dillewijn Zwapak B.V. With the new building, the company is realizing three of its strategic goals: sustainability, digitization and automation. “By digitally mapping all information and logistics processes, our processes and supply chains are not only more transparent, but also more efficient than before,” summarizes de Krosse. Dematic had been awarded the contract because it was the only provider to offer the supply and integration of the complete warehouse layout and the necessary automation technology from a single source.

The solution optimizes three logistics tasks with fully automatic pallet loading and unloading, semi-automatic parcel picking and semi-automatic product picking. The AGVTS includes nine AGVs, a conveyor for accessing and checking the pallets and an automated paternoster picking system. “In this way, we can handle all orders flexibly,” says de Krosse. Among the AGVs are three automated STILL MX-X narrow aisle forklifts, four Dematic Counterbalance-AGV in special version and two semi-automatic STILL EK-X forklifts. As part of the KION Group, Dematic has a complete range of intralogistic solutions in its product range and, as is the case with Dillewijn Zwapak, equips forklifts with automation packages from its sister company, STILL.

A special feature of this logistics project is the height of up to 18 meters and the choice of narrow aisles. As a result, the packaging specialist benefits from compact storage capacities. The new central warehouse provides space for 14,000 pallets. Around 11,000 of them were stocked with goods in the spring of 2019, leaving Dillewijn Zwapak with 25 percent of its capacity for further growth.

In addition, Dematic has installed its E’wms Warehouse Management System at the wholesaler of floral and floristry packaging solutions and connected it to the existing Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system. All logistic orders are transferred to the E’wms from the ERP system of Dillewijn Zwapak. It not only optimizes the planning of the routes, but also controls the autonomosly moving narrow aisle forklifts and AGVs at the same time.

Interested parties can see a convincing demonstration of the automation solutions during the Dematic Customer Day at Dillewijn Zwapak in Amstelveen on November 21. In addition to a live tour of the facilities, the advantages of the systems in the pallet warehouse will be explained during technical lectures. In addition, Dematic will provide information about the impact of software and service on the performance and life of a material handling system. The event will also offer an opportunity to exchange ideas, make new contacts and to network. Participation is free. The language of the lecture will be in English.