Delivering reliable and on-time solutions – every time Anvar Majeed

Published: Monday, August 20, 2018

First Priority Cargo prioritizes speedy and accurate delivery of goods, focusing on building a niche market and earning the reputation as one of the leading freight service providers in the world.

Adapting to the latest trends and embarking on a journey to meet and exceed freight forwarding requirements, the company aims to offer the best and most feasible solutions to its clients. With a renowned name in the industry, First Priority Cargo owns its success to its extensive team of professionals with a common goal to accomplish the mission and vision of the firm. The company aspires to develop and establish sea, land and air freight alliance to improve the quality of service offered to its customers.

“We excel in rendering total logistics solutions building close partnerships as well as relationships. The secret to our success is the excellent service we provide to our customers at very economical rate. Boasting a fleet of pickups tirelessly functioning within the UAE and a proprietary network spanning numerous countries, First Priority Cargo envisions excelling in its quest to deliver the best service in the industry,” explains Anvar Majeed in an email interview with Air Cargo Update.

Majeed holds a Master’s Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and is currently the Director for First Priority Cargo.

Please share with us recent achievements by First Priority Cargo?

We have won 2 awards last month from two major carriers AIRFRANCE/KLM-Cargo and Turkish Cargo.
Our group VP Business Intelligence-Dilip Sitlani has moved us ahead with new ideas and innovations and signed up with Sharjah Airport for a screening machine in our facility and would be the first agent in UAE to have this facility of pre-screening.

How do you focus on building a niche market and earning the reputation of leading freight service provider?

I believe this is purely based on customer service levels; we thrive on making our customer happy and sticking to our commitment.

What have been your major challenges in the industry and how did you overcome it?

Major challenges have been the fuel surcharge by the airlines increasing monthly, we fire fight in different ways and means without impacting our prime customers.

Your core business philosophy?

On time cargo around the world. Including our core sectors of the African market.

Having the right partnership is integral to the growth of your business? Why is it so?

Keeping in mind most topnotch companies have merged for better partnership, IE- EK & FLY DUBAI – EY and 9W then what’s stopping us from getting a big brand helping us move ahead with the times. Having our new VP Business intelligence-Dilip Sitlani on board we have managed to tie up some big labels and brands for their import & export needs.

The UAE logistics sector is gaining momentum as more and more startups open their offices, offering latest solutions and services such as timely delivery, real time tracking and so on? What is your opinion on this?
This is the way forward, we have gone that way. Our IT in-house has developed a software to track all shipments and the customer can track his cargo via a cellular app as well.

The Internet boom in the UAE did boost the e-Commerce growth in the last couple of years but the biggest challenge that still remains is timely delivery? Where does First Priority come into this?

We are looking at that segment. But personally, feel it is about the rate factor. e-Commerce loads pay very low yields that profits only the integrators and we may go that direction if the market supports us, mainly the airlines with the rates to match the customer needs. Volumes are high but on very low margins.

Though the industry is becoming competitive the question remains what innovations are you bringing to the table to help capture your market share?

Door to Door-Anywhere in the world and having an aircraft contracted under First Priority Cargo for – 12 months of the year to help the customer gain faith in our company. Our prime selling USB and on time performance to ensure the customers’ cargo reaches on time. Happy Days.