DAKOSY's ZODIAK steers e-commerce hub at Leipzig/Halle Airport

Published: Tuesday, October 1, 2019

From now on, e-commerce shipments arriving at Leipzig/Halle Airport will be handled completely digitally and in an automated way. The reason for this is a newly introduced Customs software called ZODIAK, developed and operated by the Hamburg software specialist DAKOSY. The software, which is approved for all ATLAS Customs procedures, is now being used at Germany’s second-largest air freight hub by ground handling service provider PortGround GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG, primarily for its growing e-commerce business. Approximately 70 cargo planes land at Leipzig/Halle Airport every day, most of them loaded with parcels ordered via the internet. The new software has an integrated interface with the airport’s in-house IT systems and can thus process relevant Customs information to automatedly trigger Customs processes.

“Especially in times of growing e-commerce business, a smooth supply chain is important to guarantee punctual delivery for customers and consumers. The digital handling of Customs processes is an essential part of this,” says Ulrich Wrage, CEO of DAKOSY Datenkommunikationssystem AG, and adds: “We are confident that with our support, Leipzig/Halle Airport will become an air cargo hub that pioneers the digitalization of e-commerce for the future.”

ZODIAK is used at the airport as an SaaS application (Software-as-a-Service). The software now simplifies the workflows for Customs clearance of goods on site. In concrete terms, this means that PortGround GmbH uses an electronic interface to send the flight manifest data (FFM) for all expected shipments to the DAKOSY Customs software. This automatically extracts the relevant Customs information from the manifests and triggers all pending Customs processes. For example, the first message triggered is the ICS declaration to the ICS (Import Control System) IT platform, as required for all EU imports from third countries. For air cargo, this must take place at least four hours in advance of reaching the first airport within the EU. If the value of a shipment exceeds 22 euros, then upon landing ZODIAK also triggers the summary declaration to Customs and automatically initiates Customs import duty processing.

“The new Customs software expands our comprehensive logistics portfolio and supports us, especially in the steadily growing e-commerce business. As the fifth-largest cargo airport in Europe, we need to seize the opportunities offered by digitalization. With DAKOSY, we have a reliable partner who contributes a great deal of technical, logistical and Customs know-how,” says Alexander König, Managing Director of PortGround GmbH.

The infrastructure at the Leipzig/Halle air freight hub promotes its role as an e-commerce hub. The airport is connected to the A 9 and A 14 motorways and also has an excellent train connection. This enables incoming goods from all over the world to be distributed quickly throughout Germany.