Corporación América Airports unveils multimodal logistics airport free zone

Published: Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Corporación América Airports has launched Latin America Cargo City (LACC), a multimodal logistics airport free zone in Carrasco International Airport (MVD) in Montevideo, Uruguay.

LACC, formerly known as MVD Free Airport, aims enable reliable and efficient last-mile distribution and seeks to become a logistics hub in the region.

It provides tailored, innovative regional distribution platforms for a variety of industries such as pharma, high-tech, E-commerce, among others.

A new pharma warehouse is the company’s second at the airport, enhancing its current capabilities to meet global customer’s needs. Pharma HUB 2 doubles the existing capacity in the +15+25 and +2+8 temperature ranges and provides GMP compliant conditioning areas and premium office space available for client business & admin activities.

LACC’s current operations in the pharmaceutical sector range from agile, cross-docking operations consolidating sea freight and air freight and dispatching via truck to destination, as well direct-to-patient operations to South America and conditioning lines including labelling, stickering and incipient inkjetting operations.

The company has also inaugurated an automated air cargo reception area located next to the airport runway, which provides over 1500 sq m of additional reception space. With automated x-ray scans, complementary photographic documentation of inbound cargo can be added to keep improving the security of the cargo and the streamlining of the processes.

LACC provides a wide range of distribution set-ups designed to meet client’s specific needs, including pay-per-use storage services, fully integrated conditioning lines or tailored warehouse construction for client-operated models.
LACC’s strategic location is anticipated to aid cost efficiency, lead time, as well as the ability to handle sea and land freight under a 24/7 365 days operation.

Bruno Guella, managing director at LACC, said: “This new milestone launches a new cargo city environment that allows for reliable and efficient last-mile distribution, that is fully compliant with good manufacturing and distribution practices, and that enhances synergies within its tenants or clients. LACC is redefining Latin American logistics.”