Chinese cooked in an Indian spicy way is always a The good meal which I fancy, it has it all in my view.

Published: Monday, November 20, 2023

Shashi Kumar Panicker, Director of Aeronautical Revenues at the Bahrain Airport Company (BAC), has carved a unique path in the air cargo and aviation industry. Like an adventure that spans the globe, his career has taken him to fascinating destinations, introducing him to a combination of cultures and shaping his role as a leader in the field.

Panicker shares, “I was drawn into the aviation industry by my deep passion for air cargo. The people in this industry are truly unique, and I find their intensity and ‘can-do’ attitude infectious. Working in aviation isn’t just a job; it’s a way to connect with people from diverse cultures and ensure that cargo reaches its destination swiftly and safely. It’s a dynamic world that demands continuous learning, training, and skill development to keep up with industry advancements. Having spent over three decades in this industry, the opportunities for personal and professional growth have been immense.”

The challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic were immense. “We faced reduced capacity and surging demand, coupled with traditional, time-consuming methods of managing cargo, extensive paperwork, shipment tracking issues, and rising costs. But we, as industry professionals, found innovative ways to keep the cargo moving during these turbulent times,” he recalls.

Panicker emphasizes the importance of work-life balance. “Planning ahead is crucial to minimizing work-related stress and establishing a sustainable work routine without overcommitting. It’s essential to maintain health and general well-being, and not be afraid to say ‘no’ when necessary, making sure you don’t overcommit and underdeliver. Staying calm, assertive, and focused on delivering results is key. After all, ‘Air cargo is in the people business, where attitude and approach count.’ I majorly believe in this and attempt to deliver to be seen as productive,” he stresses.

For relaxation, Panicker’s favorite travel destination is India. “India has so much to offer, and I’m yet to explore it all. My early experiences in the Middle East have left a profound impact, and India’s simplicity and joy of life resonate with me,” he said.

As a sports enthusiast, Panicker, like many Indians, has a deep love for cricket. He says, “Cricket holds a special place in my heart, and I cherish every moment of the game, whether I’m playing or watching.”

His culinary preferences lean towards Chinese cuisine with an Indian twist, where the spices add an extra layer of flavor to the dishes. “Chinese cooked in an Indian spicy way is always a good meal which I fancy, it has it all in my view.”

Panicker has some advice for the younger generation aspiring to enter the air cargo industry: “Being committed with full passion is the buzzword for building a rewarding career. The aviation industry holds the same essence to provide.”

Shashi Kumar Panicker’s lengthy and illustrious career in the aviation industry demonstrates his unshakable leadership. His one-of-a-kind expertise and business sense provide invaluable insights into the quickly changing world of aviation.