CharterSync becomes 1st airline worldwide to offer fully integrated end-to-end booking process and management system for freight forwarders

Published: Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Air cargo charter expert CharterSync is celebrating four years of air cargo charter disruption by becoming the first air cargo charter company worldwide to offer a fully integrated digital end-to-end booking process and management system for freight forwarders.
CharterSync is debuting the updated system at Air Cargo Europe 2023, showcasing the powerful new time-saving features that build on the company’s reputation for driving change in the air cargo charter industry using digital disruption and innovation. The new system will be rolled out to customers in June 2023.
Fully integrated into CharterSync’s existing web and mobile booking platform, the new process captures and consolidates all data and documentation associated with a charter booking, aggregating it into a central ‘hub’ which can be accessed in real time by all parties.
Accessible by an intuitive booking dashboard, the process provides a central repository for key documentation such as airway bills (AWBs), permits, air cargo manifests, customs declarations, load plans, technical drawings as well as emails and other correspondence formerly conducted off-platform.
Another significant efficiency will be the ability to automate and expedite the contract phase thanks to integration with PandaDoc, an electronic signature software tool which populates a contract template with data and client information extracted during the booking process.
“It is genuinely thrilling to unveil our new end-to-end process at Air Cargo Europe, where CharterSync was first launched. The new process allows us to smooth the customer pathway and bring enhanced value and efficiencies to customers. Aggregating all information about the booking in one place enables CharterSync to eliminate a key pain point, while removing the risk of miscommunication, mislaid documentation and human error,” Ed Gillett, co-founder and director of CharterSync, said.
The new process has been developed in response to customer feedback after the relaunch of the CharterSync charter booking platform in mid-2022. “This game-changing development in the booking management process will benefit all our clients – whether managing a time-critical flight where every second counts, or longer-term projects where meticulous planning is required with multiple documents and diagrams. It will complement other recent enhancements to the platform such as live flight tracking via our RocketRoute integration which allows freight forwarders to monitor the aircraft’s position across any phase of their booking and providing total visibility into how their charter is tracking against its schedule,” Gillett continued.
Since launching in 2019, CharterSync has built a global air cargo charter business from the ground up, developing a reputation as an innovator driving much-needed change across the industry. Co-founded by airline enthusiasts and commercial pilots Ed Gillett and Simon Watson, CharterSync has disrupted the industry by streamlining and reinventing the air cargo charter booking process, putting customer service, price transparency and efficiency at the core of their proposition. Having launched with a focus on UK/Europe-bound cargoes, CharterSync now provides services to a global client base, with global charter flights representing 75 percent of its business – a 350 percent increase year-on-year. Servicing hundreds of different customers on six continents, CharterSync specialises in key sectors such as humanitarian/disaster relief, entertainment and events, pharmaceuticals, automotive supply chain, dangerous goods, and just-in-time logistics.