CharterSync adds ‘first of its kind’ real-time tracking capabilities

Published: Wednesday, February 15, 2023

CharterSync has said its clients can now accurately track aircraft via its personalised all-in-one dashboard thanks to the addition of ‘first-of-its-kind’ real-time tracking capabilities.

The digital air cargo charter firm said the addition of flight tracking to the active booking dashboard enables freight forwarders to monitor an aircraft’s position across any phase of their booking.

This advanced monitoring is designed to enable clients to have total visibility into how their charter is tracking against its schedule, providing immediate updates in the event of delays caused by weather or air traffic control events.

The update allows users to view all related flight documents, including contracts, permits and cargo information alongside the aircraft’s schedule and live aircraft location.

The personalised all-in-one dashboard builds on CharterSync’s flight monitoring service RocketRoute, added to its platform in November.

RocketRoute was designed offer instant transit times. The company said in November that integrating RocketRoute would provide auto-routing and full monitoring of current and forecasted weather conditions, allowing operators to become more effective in planning for fuel burn, while also providing more accurate costs for ad-hoc cargo charters.

Simon Watson, co-founder and director, CharterSync, said: “Enhancing our RocketRoute integration so that we can provide live tracking and all key documents in an all-in-one dashboard offers new levels of peace of mind to airlines and freight forwarders.

“We have already significantly improved the process of creating quotes and predicting flight times in partnership with RocketRoute and this new development underlines our relentless focus on offering game-changing speed, simplicity, and convenience.”