CHAMP, Senegal Customs to implement Advance Electronic Information

Published: Saturday, June 11, 2016

CHAMP Cargosystems S.A. and Senegal Customs announced recently that they have started the work to implement Advance Electronic Information for air cargo shipments for Senegal. Advance Electronic Information will give better visibility, reduce clearance time for shipments and increase security. The aim is to start the mandatory pilot phase as of June 1st and then go live by September 1st.

As part of the agreement, CHAMP has performed a comprehensive analysis into Senegal’s Customs requirements, a gap analysis and together with Senegal Customs helped defining the specifications for WCO world format XML schema.

Colonel Alioune Dione, Director of Customs IT Systems at Senegal Customs explained, “CHAMP provided us with extensive support and knowledge that helping us implement Advance Electronic Information in Senegal. The expertise and client coverage of their customs solution was crucial in our decision making process of selecting CHAMP.”

More and more countries in Africa and around the world are looking into adopting a form of advance electronic filing in order to increase efficiency, accuracy, speed and reduce costs and errors. The digitization will not only enable more collaboration between different industry stakeholders and countries, but also lead to higher transparency which will significantly contribute to improved security within air cargo. CHAMP’s solution Traxon Global Customs currently covers 47 countries with more countries being added as and where legislation come into force, making it a highly versatile and future proof solution.