Ceva Logistics unveils new Mobility Suite

Published: Friday, February 12, 2016

Global third-party logistics (3PL) services provider CEVA Logistics introduced its new Mobility

Suite, which it said is a strategic mobility and shared-network suite of solutions leveraging its

TMS, CEVA Matrix.

Company officials said that this offering is geared to augment operational efficiencies and also

deliver real-time information and visibility for supply chain processes, coupled with increased

demand and activity related to e-commerce shipments.

And they added that the Mobility Suite, which is multi-platform for IOS, Android and Windows

Mobile smartphone applications, highlights multiple TMS offerings, including GPS, tracking,

planning and dispatching visibility, fleet, and asset management and is comprised of:

−real-time shipment milestones, improved delivery performance, electronic signatures;

−electronic checklists, proof of delivery receipts and corresponding paperwork;

−creating/updating consignment orders, consignment status and exception notification;

−driver availability, trip status and current location visibility, dynamic dispatch;

−mobile dashboard and reporting;

−damaged goods workflow management; and

−real time customer surveys and image capture for home delivery services

Vittorio Aronica, president of IS&S Global Supply Chain and Transport Management for CEVA,

said in an interview that leading reason for this particular enhancement is represented by three

different and growing emerging trends: to get availability of even more ‘real time’ event

management as a matter of customer service improvement; to achieve the closest integration

with the e-commerce channel that is dramatically shifting the former concept of ‘batch waves

orders’ to a continuous transactional flow. This provides the capability to support dynamic pick-

up and delivery having flexible routing and path optimization; and to improve the end user

‘customer experience’ through real-time surveys, with customers’ feedback and multimedia

support virtually available as potential new feeds for Social Networks.

“The concept, design and delivery of the new platform was requested less than one year ago,

including some iterations with some of the key CEVA stakeholders including some customers

we consider as ‘trendsetters’,” said Aronica. “This new technology will deliver significant benefits

for both parties (shippers and 3PLs) but, ultimately, greater visibility linked to a most dynamic

workflow will dramatically improve customer service and the customer experience. It’s pretty

evident that, in the future, market differentiation will be even more focused on the ability to

improve the end-user customer experience represented by the “C” (in the B2C model) of

Consumers rather than the former traditional KPIs set between the logistics provider and direct