CEVA Logistics secures delivery contract from Carrefour

Published: Thursday, September 14, 2017

CEVA Logistics has secured a delivery contract from French multi-national retailer Carrefour.

Under the contract, CEVA will deliver soft drinks and dried products to around 60 stores each day in Paris.

The firm will also manage reverse logistics, removing packaging and cartons post-delivery for Carrefour.

CEVA will operate from its 36000m2 facility, which is situated in the proximity of the Charles de Gaulle airport.

Recently, CEVA has inaugurated a 7000m2 warehouse facility for healthcare and beauty products to aid the new parapharmacy concept of Carrefour. The new warehouse, which will offer 80 job opportunities, is located near the southern city of Reims.

The facility will be extended depending on the new parapharmacy business, which is included in the Carrefour network.

CEVA Logistics France managing director Robert Plent said: “Key to the success is to understand the way Carrefour and the stores operate. We permanently adapt our processes in order to deliver the best value to the stores. They like the entrepreneurial spirit and a swift decision-making process and this means we can design solutions for them which can be effective immediately.

‚ÄúThis includes challenging each other with concepts and ideas which will improve their business for the long-term. It also opens the potential to introduce other value-added services in the future”.

In July 2017, the firm secured a three-year contract to provide warehouse and distribution services for UK-based assisted living products provider Oak Tree Mobility. The firm has also acquired logistics operations of Italy-based Mondadori in books and retail businesses.